eText is accessible off the shelf. We work to meet and exceed ADA 508 requirements. Screen reader and assistive technology compatibility is not an after-thought — rather, it is central to the development of our platform. Not only is our platform accessible, but all of our content is as well.

eText's fluid XML/HTML 5 framework makes reading easy for everyone.

Study Tools

With eText, students can easily personalize their study environment. Features include:

Screenshot of eText's interface
eText's interface is device independent, making study on a phone or tablet just as convenient.

Full Feature List


  • Class rosters are dynamically created through your school's ActiveDirectory
  • Post assignments and answer student questions directly in context
  • Organize all chapter media in one convenient, automatically generated list


  • Embed rich media directly into text
  • Adopt original or published books easily
  • Also deliver course-packs, library material, conference proceedings, etc.
  • Release new editions as frequently as each semester
  • Add timely information from external sources in book margins at any time

Study Tools

  • Create highlights in four colors
  • Post private or instructor question notes
  • Bookmark sections
  • Jump to notes, highlights, and bookmarks from quick lists
  • Click on glossary terms to see their definitions
  • Reference figures that are pages away without interrupting reading


  • Use from any device with a browser that supports HTML5
  • Fluid XML/HTML 5 interface
  • Dynamic, responsive pages
  • User control of font, margins, theme
  • Search within or across books
  • Customize colors, fonts, etc.


  • Fully acessible platform and content
  • Fully ADA 508 Compliant
  • Complete keyboard control of reading and rich media
  • Captions on all rich media
  • High contrast mode and several font options
  • Complex math and science formulae readable by assistive technology


  • Authorization controlled by a central credentialing system such as OAuth or Shibboleth
  • Built-in DRM protection to protect intellectual property
  • Controllable duration of access for each text

E-mail for more information on our features.